In large metropolitan areas most people commute daily to work: we offer to these users a sweat-free, active and faster way to get to work, with a mobility solution that doesn’t need parking and that they can take to the workplace. And after a long workday they can even go shopping with their bike without the hassle of thefts.

The segment of city commuters e-bikes lacks of solutions which combine easy folding, easy transporting, decent sized wheels to ride in an urban environment (20”) and style, all combined together. We fill this gap with our P1 model, the first of a future series of e-bikes thought and designed with all the above parameters in mind. 

Elbi is an electric bicycle for sustainable urban commuting.

* The design ethos comes from the aesthetics of an origami and its elegance in transforming miraculously from one perfect form to another.

* The easiness of an electrically supported riding is complemented by an innovative mechanism which enables effortless folding with one hand on the handlebar and the other on the seat post where the folding switch is. Thus, the start of the ride when moving out of home and arriving to work office or some such takes place without dirtying ones hands or clothes.

* Elbi has been created believing in less crowded cities are possible only if smarter ways exist for moving around in freedom.